ONE -TWO! FUCK YOU! compilation Bubca Records – 1 HOUR of TodayTruePunk on CellaRadio! – february 2008


Thor is like immortal:

– She don’t need it

– Telekenesis on an unborn fetus

– Gone Daddy Gone

– My Baby’s Got a Disease

She Sells Sea Sheels:

– Shred sled

– My baby

– Sabertooth spider

The Accosters:

– U Turn U die

– ChopperBoat Chase

– Meet me in the RockRoll Alley


– New Punk Song / Where Did They go? (live @ at kyle house)

– Desert Man (live @ at kyle house)

– Complicated (live @ at kyle house)

the Nackers:

– Smash your head off (live @ UlisseBarNum, Florence)

– the Nackers twist (live @ UlisseBarNum, Florence)

the Ultra Twist:

– Still not going (live @ Voodoo Lounge, Dublin)

– No Beer No Fun (live @ Voodoo Lounge, Dublin)

– Babahumba (live @ UlisseBarNum, Florence)

the Traditional Fools:

– Street Surfin’

– Party at my house! (live @ Wizard Mountain)

– Surfin’ with the Phantom

Charlie & the Moonhearts:

– I think youre swell

– Thee t rex song

the Fifth Mongers:

– roast dem bones

– I don’t need you betty

Party Fowl:

– Dropping Bros

– Bloodstains

– STD’s


– Vaimos a Baile

– Go Kill Your Self

– Don’t You Just Know It



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